-33% TeeSort Printed T-Shirt - Puzzled City

TeeSort Printed T-Shirt - Puzzled City

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Born and brought up in Mumbai or Bombay, I have seen the city of dreams from close quarters. The commercial capital of India along with the entertainment capital has a different vibe to it. No other city in India can match the vibrancy exuded by this majestic city. The people, the culture, the diversity is striking. Through this Mumbai t-shirt I want to express my love for this city. The t-shirt is aptly titled puzzled city as thats what Mumbai is about. The BEST bus, the famous Mumbai taxi, the chaos on roads is all captured beautifully. TeeSort.com only had Delhi t-shirts and this particular tee design will provide a much needed representation of Mumbai on Teesort. Buy this t-shirt if you love Mumbai and the puzzling feel of the city! Bombay or Mumbai bole to aka blockbuster sapnon ka shahar apun ka ek stylish nagar.. M bole to apun ka Mumbaiiiii!! City where dreams and mystery of life play a hide and seek. Mumbai is a land where drama breathes and takes shape. Land of colors and beauty of the sea feels like a romantic chill down the spine.. Ok that’s right but there is something very interesting about this city , it’s a puzzled city., it has become home to poor as well as riches, This is the city where you would find the superstars going gaga and young talent finding a perfect make over on life . Here you will find people who will let you get to places where stars will be found filming their movies, utter contrast of glory and dark lurking life! Puzzled City - Mumbai....a city as chaotic and colorful as this tee
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