About Us

TeeSort owned TSX.in is the leading online-only menswear fashion brand that is also among the fastest growing fashion brands in India. Teesort sells fashion apparel under Teesort and TSX brands.

The company’s unique value proposition in great designs and premium quality t-shirts available at amazing prices has made it one of the top fashion brands on leading Indian shopping and e-commerce portals. The brand has a unique concept as it provides a platform for Indian and global designers and consumers to come together to create some of the best designs for t-shirts. Teesort is based on a unique model of inclusive growth which gives its designers recognition as well as basis to earn a steady flow of revenue which allows them keep earning from their designs long after they have submitted their design to the company. This model facilitates outmost quality, user acceptability and satisfaction.

Teesort was co-founded by Alok Agarwal and Atul Agarwal in 2010, and is headquartered in Delhi.